Able to administer oral and injected medications

No restrictions on dog size, breed or age

Drop-In Visits or Dog Walking

In home visit to care for your animals. Drop-In visits could include a potty break for your pup, providing food and water, scooping litter boxes, and whatever else your animals need. (No fees for additional animals)


If a 30 minute visit is not sufficient to provide your pets care, additional time can be added as needed for $5 per 10 minutes.

Available from 7am to 10pm. If visits earlier than 7am or later than 10pm are required, overnights visits are available.

15 Minute // $14

30 Minute // $20

Weekly Regular Discount Rate: $19.50

For clients who book 2 or more 30 minute visits every week. Does not apply to vacations.

Overnight Pet Sitting

I stay at your home to care for your pet(s) overnight for 10 or 12 hours. 12 hour overnight availability is limited!

When caring for pets I also make sure to do what I can to keep your home running smoothly. I can get your mail, water plants, take out the trash, and more. I do light maintenance cleaning during my stays (sweeping or vacuuming as needed, etc.), and before I leave I wipe down surfaces and always offer to wash linens used. 

While I can't guarentee time that hadn't been paid for, with longer stays (5+ days) I often end up spending extra time with my overnight clients as it becomes a second "base of operations". If I have extra time between visits where it doesn't make much sense for me to run home, I'll spend that time with your animals free of charge. 

Overnight Sitting Rates 




10 Hour Overnight Rates


(day visits added separately at reduced rate)

1 - 4 Pets // $50

5 - 9 Pets // $55

10+ Pets  // $60 

12 Hour Overnight Rates


(day visits added separately at reduced rate)

1 - 4 Pets // $80

5 - 9 Pets // $85

10+ Pets  // $90

Daytime Visit Rates for Overnights:

+$14 // 15 Minute Visit

+$17 // 30 Minute Visit

Daytime visits are added on separately to overnights so clients can pick and choose the length and amount of visits that works best! 

Pet Taxi

75 cents per mile
+ $20 per hour (From pick up to final drop-off. $20 minimum per trip, prorated after first hour)

Extra fee may apply for transport of more than three dogs/cats. 

Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance & First Aid

$30 per hour (initial assessment during meet & greet is free)

Services include: Water changes, glass cleaning (inside and outside the tank), algae removal, filter maintenance, new tank set up (filter seeding included), plant care, CO2 set up, water testing, medication administration, catching and transporting fish, and more.

Additional charges may apply for whole tank treatment of diseases such as ick, columnaris, etc.

Clients are expected to provide their own equipment for water changes. Equipment use charge of $10 per hour may apply if I provide equipment.

Surcharges and Holidays


Travel Fee - *As of January 2020 I no longer travel more than 15 minutes from my "home base." These fees apply to clients whose location has been grandfathered in.*

 I unfortunately have to charge a fee to account for visits outside of a certain radius. This is calculated using google maps from the starting address 617 S. English Ave in Springfield, based on the fastest "average traffic" reading.

0-14 minutes = no travel fee

15-16 minutes = $1 per visit

17-18 minutes = $3 per visit

19-20 minutes = $5 per visit 

21-25 minutes = $7 per visit

25-30 minutes = $10 per visit

Same Day/Last Minute Fee - $5 per visit

Applies to requests for services with less than 24 hours notice. 

Early Morning Fee: A $3 fee applies to visits in the 7am time block.


Holiday Rates

Holiday Rates are an additional 50%, or time and a half. 

These rates apply to: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving & Black Friday, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day


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